An easier way to find funding. 

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We’re here to help. FUNDIT makes it easy to submit an overview of your public project, and once you do, we’ll match you to funding opportunities, resources, and even share feedback from finance and operations experts.


Application Process

FUNDIT is a platform connecting projects with a numerous funding agencies and resources at once.

Eligible public projects include: 

  • Business development (incubators, industrial parks)
  • Community Development (feasibility studies, comprehensive plans)
  • Infrastructure Development (capacity increase, updating or replacing)
  • Housing (where there are critical shortages)
  • Opportunity Zones (almost entirely private projects)

To get started, review the FUNDIT Project checklist to make sure your project is ready to pitch. 

Download it here.


The entire application is available at the bottom of this page. Please complete it as thoroughly as possible.

The FUNDIT team will follow up to schedule a pitch presentation at the next FUNDIT CoLab session. 


FUNDIT CoLab - what is it?

  • The mission of FUNDIT CoLab is to leverage the collaboration of state, local, and federal agencies to provide financial resources and technical assistance to economic development projects.  
  • The CoLab OCCURS quarterly meetings. At the meeting, project representatives receives feedback and connections to financing opportunities from the group. The FUNDIT CoLab is an informal cohort which includes more than 20 local, state, federal, and private agencies with insight and knowledge around development finance opportunities.  

Projects are selected based on community impact, scope/vision, and fit within FUNDIT CoLab resources. Projects from commercial businesses are not yet eligible for this program.  

Pitch your project in front of representatives from more than 20 state and federal agencies, as well as other financial organizations.

This will connect your project with applicable opportunities and secure funding!

The FUNDIT Project Application

The FUNDIT Project Application