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USDA-Water and Wastewater Disposal Loan and Grant Program

This program provides funding for clean and reliable drinking water systems, sanitary sewage disposal, sanitary solid waste disposal, and storm ... Read More

NMFA – Public Project Revolving Loan Fund

The Public Project Revolving Fund (PPRF) is NMFA’s flagship program. The PPRF is used to finance public projects such as ... Read More

Resilient Communities Fund

The Resilient Communities Fund is the flagship program of the New Mexico Resiliency Alliance. Created in 2014 in partnership with ... Read More

NMFA-Local Governmental Planning Fund

Created in 2002, the fund provides up-front capital necessary to allow for proper planning of vital water and wastewater projects ... Read More

ENV-Rural Infrastructure Revolving Loan Program

The Rural Infrastructure Act (Chapter 75, Article 1 NMSA 1978) created the Rural Infrastructure Revolving Loan Program (RIP) in 1988 ... Read More

DFA – Community Development Block Grant

CDBG Economic Development Application available upon request CDBG Housing Application available upon request ... Read More

MFA-Community Development Housing Programs

MFA's Community Development Department administers several housing programs that provide specialized housing for specific populations and that help preserve New ... Read More

Tourism-Marketing Coop Grant

In support of the Tourism Department’s mission to make New Mexico the primary destination for venturesome travelers, the Cooperative Marketing ... Read More

The FUNDIT Finance Development Webinars

New Mexico Economic Development Department created a Finance Development playlist of webinars to help guide the communities of New Mexico.

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