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Opportunity Zones

New Mexico has 63 designated Opportunity Zones (aka OZ tracks). The resources on this page will connect you to the right OZ for your project.

Connecting Resources & Projects



 Investments made into an OZ project must be made with a qualified OZ Fund. We compiled a list of OZ funds HERE. You can also access Novogradac’s comprehensive list of OZ funds HERE. 



You have an OZ, now what? Learn what an OZ is and how they work. Establish a community leader who can take charge of the OZ and interact with investors and engage the community. Create an OZ strategy. 


What is an Opportunity Fund? Must be certified by the U.S. Treasury Department.  Must be organized as a corporation or partnership for the purpose of investing in Qualified Opportunity Zone Property. 


NM OZ Interagency Task Force: FundIt-Community is a collaborative group composed of over 15 Federal and State funding agencies, Council of Government Directors, NMEDD Regional Reps and Community Foundations. The group meets quarterly to reveiw community/economic developent and infrastructure projects.

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Discover FUNDIT's Opportunity Zones

Use the map below to locate OZ tracks and corresponding OZ project details and contact information. You can also access our NM Project Pipeline for a list of all NM OZ projects. Click on an OZ area for a pop-up with a link to the projects!